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our history

The history of Higher Ground International Ministries (HGIM) is 100% supernatural. This can be clearly seen by the start of the organization. During one of the annual worship conferences, sponsored by Faith Miracle Temple, Bishop George “Awesome” Dawson ministered under a very strong prophetic anointing. In the middle of the message he was preaching, he paused and look at Apostle Larry J. Baylor and prophesied these words, “Pastor Baylor, the LORD said you are going international.”

The next day, which was Saturday about 8:00 a.m., a missionary from St. Louis to Durban South Africa, Derek Hubbard, gave Pastor Baylor a call. Derek told Pastor Baylor that there was a group of apostolic churches in Durban, South Africa that wanted him to be their Bishop. That was the start of HGIM in 2004 even though the ministry did not have a name at that time. Therefore, HGIM started out as an international covering for churches overseas. Four months after the call Derek Hubbard made to St. Louis, Apostle Baylor arrived in Durban, South Africa with a team of people, which included the Faith Miracle Temple Voices of Faith, Mother Mattie E. Baylor, and Bishop Terence E. Coleman who later became the Assistant Presiding Prelate of HGIM.

The supernatural nature of HGIM continued as one day while Apostle Baylor was in his office. He received a call from a man who spoke broken English, asking to speak with Pastor Baylor. His name was Bishop Ricardo Bercede of the Philippines. When he found out that he was speaking to the person of his desire, he told Apostle Baylor that he wanted to be a part of his organization. Apostle Baylor told him that he did not have an organization. Bishop Bercede asked Apostle Baylor would he pray about starting one. Apostle Baylor hesitated and asked the Bishop from the Philippines, how he found him all the way from the Philippines. Bishop Bercede said, “On the internet, the HOLY SPIRIT said pick you.” After such a statement, Apostle Baylor prayed about going to the Philippines and four months later, Apostle Baylor and his wife Lady Tanika R. Baylor, Bishop Terence E. Coleman and his wife Prophetess Sheila Coleman, Minister Dave Baylor and his wife Verikkia Baylor, and Mother Mattie E. Baylor took a trip to the Philippines in December of 2006.

After much prayer and deliberation, in 2007, Apostle Baylor and Bishop Coleman felt lead of the LORD to formally launch HGIM, which was a covering for churches overseas. In 2009 they felt lead of the LORD to start planting and covering churches in the United States. 2009 was also very significant to HGIM in that supernaturally the LORD began to speak to Apostle Baylor at an HGIM partner service. The LORD said that he was sending HGIM to Russia. Six months later, HGIM lead its first missionary campaign to St. Petersburg, Russia. During that campaign many Korean, Presbyterian, Russians received their healing and were filled with the HOLY GHOST. One middle-aged Korean, Presbyterian, Russian woman started speaking in tongues in English. Since that time, HGIM has experienced steady spiritual and numerical growth. At the 2010 annual HGIM conference, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson (Greater Works of Christ), Bishop Leo S. Lewis (Prophetic Miracle Ministries Worldwide), Bishop Vance L. Dash (Rhema Covenant Fellowship of Churches International), and Bishop Vernon L. Bess (HGIM), consecrated Pastor Larry J. Baylor and Pastor Terence E. Coleman to the bishopric. Through their visionary leadership, HGIM has under its covering:

16 Churches in South Africa
35 Churches in the Philippines
21 Churches and ministries in the United States
1 Mission in St. Petersburg, Russia
Many partners and supporters who help spread the GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM around the world!


The mission of HGIM is to change the spiritual, physical, educational and
economic, condition of people groups around the world, where these changes are needed.
Through utilizing a multiplicity of dynamic and relevant initiatives, we seek to greatly improve
the living conditions of individuals worldwide.



Higher Ground International Ministries was developed to provide assistance to foreign missionaries and ministers to establish new covenant affiliates in order to advance the Kingdom of God.

Our Vision
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